Rock Magnetometer Systems

Model 855

RAPID Sample Handing System for SRM Systems
Model 855

The Applied Physics Systems Model 855 vertical superconducting rock magnetometer (SRM) measures the magnetic properties of rock samples. Existing RAPID system owners can upgrade their systems to take advantage of automatic sample handling and measurement processes.

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The Model 855 paleomagnetic rock sample handler is part of a complete, automated rock magnetometer system:

RAPID Automatic Sample Handler: Samples are arranged on a removable plastic tray with a capacity of 99 rock samples. XY horizontal tray movement is computer controlled, and the system can be configured with the software program to handle any sample count. A motor ­driven air vacuum provides sample pickup from the tray, and up/down and rotational motors control sample movement through the system. 

SRM System: The SRM System includes the superconducting rock magnetometer and its support measurement and control units.

Degaussing System: The Degaussing nested coil system consists of two Helmholtz transverse coils and an axial coil mounted in-line. The axial coil has a maximum field of 1500 Gauss, the transverse coils a maximum field of 1050 Gauss.

IRM and ARM Systems: IRM and ARM coils are mounted in-line. The maximum IRM field is 10 KG, the maximum ARM field is 10 G. 

System Software: The system is controlled by Paleomag software, developed in Visual Basic and upgraded to support the Model 855. It allows both manual and automatic sample handling, degaussing and data acquisition via a SAM file data format.

Existing RAPID system owners can upgrade their systems to take advantage of streamlined sample handling and measurement processes.

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