Rock Magnetometer Systems

Model 760-4K

Superconducting Rock Magnetometer
Model 760-4K

The Applied Physics Systems Model 760-4K superconducting rock magnetometer (SRM) measures the magnetic properties of rock samples.

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The pulse tube cryocooler is completely helium free and can cool down from room to operating temperature in less than 36 hours.

Samples of up to 7.6cm can be inserted with either a vertical or a horizontal orientation.

The system has a magnetic dipole moment noise of less than 1×10-12Am2 (1×10-9EMU) RMS per root Hz.

The dynamic range is 1×10-12 to 2×10-4Am2. Analog in 4 ranges, 1×10-12 to 2×10-3Am2 digital flux. Field attenuation is 106 for transverse fields, 1011 for axial fields.

It features a heat switch on the superconducting shield.

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