Rock Magnetometer Systems

Model 755-4K

Superconducting Rock Magnetometer
Model 755-4K

The Applied Physics Systems – 2G Enterprises Model 755-4K superconducting rock magnetometer (SRM) measures the magnetic properties of rock samples.

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The Applied Physics – 2G Enterprises Model 755 Superconducting Rock Magnetometer System (SRM) is the gold standard for Paleomagnetic research. The SRM system provides rapid, high- resolution analysis of weakly magnetized sediment cores and samples.

Equipped with a liquid Helium cooling system in order to keep the superconductive properties of the SQUID sensors, it allows to measure in a sensitivity range of 0.001 mA/m.

Its single sample manual holder allows to work with standard paleomagnetic specimens, either cylindrical (21 x 25 mm) or cubic.

The Model 755’s fast cool down goes from room temperature to operating in less than 36 hours.

The system includes the magnetometer, software, and required cablings.

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