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Model 615

ARM magnetizer
Model 615

The Model 615 ARM (Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetizer) enables magnetization of rock samples during during demagnetation with an SRM (Superconducting Rock Magnetometer) system. The rock magnetization is achieved by applying a DC magnetic field during the degaussing process.

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The Model 615 ARM Magnetizer is capable of energizing two coils, typically an axial solenoid and a transverse Helmholtz pair. The field application coils are mounted to the degaussing coils of the SRM’s degaussing system. For axial discrete samples, the filed application coil consists of a solenoid mounted inside the axial degaussing coil.

For a transverse Helmholtz pair, the field application coils are mounted to the inside face of the transverse degaussing coils. For long-core systems, the field application coil consists of a long solenoid extending through the axial degaussing coil from one end of the degausser mu-metal shield to the other.

An ARM electronic system consists of a constant current source, which enables the creation and maintenance of a DC magnetic field even though the degaussing coils create large back-EMF. The magnetic field can be set either manually or by computer command if the system is equipped with a single-board computer interface option. For both manual and computer operation, the actual magnetic field present is displayed on the front panel.

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