Accelerometer Sensors

Model 60

Miniature Quartz Accelerometer
Output: Analog/Digital
Model 60

The Applied Physics Systems Model 60 accelerometer provides highly accurate and stable measurement of acceleration, vibration, and gravity over a wide range of temperatures and over years of time in the most punishing environments.

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Unlike MEMS technology, the 60 employs a torque balance system incorporating an amorphous quartz hinge supporting a proof mass with a permanent magnet torquer, top and bottom flux pole pieces, a capacitive pickoff system, and low power miniaturized servo control system.

The 60 provides both analog and digital output. Analog output is proportional to acceleration and can be used as a drop-in replacement for similar competing products.

The 60 also includes a 16-bit analog to digital converter and microprocessor to provide an asynchronous data interface which allows internal calibration. The digital interface features internal compensation of the system bias and scale factor over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This internal compensation increases the system accuracy over temperature and eliminates the need for the system user to perform external temperature compensation.

As a third option, the digital data can be reconverted to analog to provide the advantages of internal calibration with industry standard analog output.

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