Magnetometer Sensors

Model 539

Digital High Speed 3-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer [+/-.65G]
Model 539

The Applied Physics Systems Model 539 fluxgate magnetometer measures magnetic fields on 3-axis and converts and transmits over its serial port (at 38400 baud) to all three axes outputs at a rate of 250 samples per second. It can also measure rotation angle. It is ideally suited to situations where high speed magnetic data must be acquired and analyzed.

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The 539 can convert and transmit over its serial port (at 38400 baud) to all three axes outputs at a rate of 250 samples per second. Slower data rates can also be selected; transmission rate and baud rates are user programmable.

The 539 simplifies and reduces the cost of the magnetic data acquisition system by eliminating the cumbersome A to D board. The system uses three separate 16-bit sigma delta converters to achieve high throughput. The scale factor is set so that a full scale input of 10-4T (1G) represents 32768 counts on the system Analog-to-Digitals. The least count represents about 3nT. Noise of the system is 1 – 2 counts.

The 539 can be used in either a command mode or autosend mode. In the command mode, the 539 responds to commands to transmit data issued by an external computer. In the autosend mode, the 539 begins sending data as soon as power is applied to the unit.

The 539 can be supplied with an optional connection cable and breakout box which allows easy powering and connection to an external computer. Windows-compatible configuration, data acquisition, and display software is supplied with the 539. This program enables the user to acquire and graphically display data as well as configure the 539 send rate, baud rate, output format, and other features.

In addition to the standard RS232 interface, the 539 is also equipped with a TTL interface for communication with a microprocessor.

The 539 is potted for robust performance.

Fluxgate magnetometers can be used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field and thereby determine the orientation of the instrument and whatever carries it. Magnetometers can measure roll, pitch, and yaw. Magnetometers can also be used to measure fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And magnetometers can be used to measure other magnetic fields such as those generated by the human body.

Fluxgate magnetometers employ a saturable core driven by a high frequency carrier parametrically up convert low frequency magnetic field variations to sidebands on the carrier. This approach produces a low noise, high accuracy sensor. The magnetometer electronics consist of a miniaturized 3-axis servo system which nulls magnetic field changes applied to the saturable cores. This design produces a very linear response over the entire dynamic range of the system.

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