Magnetometer Sensors

Model 536

Analog High Accuracy 3-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer
Model 536

The Applied Physics Systems Model 536 is a small, low cost analog magnetometer designed to measure small magnetic fields (3 x 10-7 to 1 Gauss). It is highly accurate with low noise.

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Analog High Accuracy Magnetometer

Output from the sensor is 3 analog voltages, proportional to the magnetic field in three orthogonal directions. Full scale output is ±10 volts.

An optional temperature sensor can be added to the Model 536. This sensor is implemented by using an Analog Devices AD592. The temperature output is represented by an analog voltage present on pin A of the system Bendix connector. The temperature output signal is proportional to the absolute temperature; scale factor is 5 mv/°K. At room temperature (20°C or 293°K) the temperature output voltage is 1.465V.

The Model 536 is powered from bipolar ±15 VDC supplies. Two internal regulators are present in the Model 536, which produce ±12VDC for internal use. Connection to the Model 536 is accomplished by means of a 10 pin Bendix connector.

For sensor alignment, the X axis is aligned parallel to the package long dimension. The Z axis is aligned with the two through holes in the aluminum connector mounts. The system’s Y axis is orthogonal to the X and Z directions. The output polarity sense of the axes is such that a field increase in the direction of the arrows produces an increase in the voltage output for that axis. In general, the magnetic axis of the Model 536 is orthogonal and aligned to within ±0.2° of the coordinate system specified by the outer package alignment surface and alignment holes.

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