Magnetometer Sensors

Model 534

Analog Miniature 3-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer
Model 534

The Applied Physics Systems Model 534 magnetic compass provides direction accuracy to better than 0.1°. The low noise level of the 534 enables the detection of very small magnetic signatures at long distance. It is enclosed in an aluminum case but is not sealed.

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The 534 provides three analog output voltages proportional to the magnetic field in three orthogonal directions.

The 534 is calibrated using mu metal shields (to determine zero offset) and precision Helmholtz coils (to measure scale and axis alignment factors). A calibration sheet gives data on zeros, scale factors and orthogonality constants for each axis. This data enables external correction of the output voltages to increase overall system accuracy.

Fluxgate magnetometers can be used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field and thereby determine the orientation of the instrument and whatever carries it. Magnetometers can measure roll, pitch, and yaw. Magnetometers can also be used to measure fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And magnetometers can be used to measure other magnetic fields such as those generated by the human body.

Fluxgate magnetometers employ a saturable core driven by a high frequency carrier parametrically up convert low frequency magnetic field variations to sidebands on the carrier. This approach produces a low noise, high accuracy sensor. The magnetometer electronics consist of a miniaturized 3-axis servo system which nulls magnetic field changes applied to the saturable cores. This design produces a very linear response over the entire dynamic range of the system.

534: Analog
534D: Digital

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