Magnetometer Sensors

Model 533

Miniature Lightweight Fluxgate Magnetometer
Model 533

As a magnetic compass, the Model 533 provides direction accuracy to better than 0.1°. Some applications combine the Model 533 with a precision 3-axis accelerometer to provide roll, pitch and yaw angles accurate to 0.1°.

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In magnetic anomaly detection situations, the low noise level of the Model 533 enables very small magnetic signatures to be measured. This enables large-distance spacing between the Model 533 and the anomaly being measured. Range is proportional to the quotient of these quantities.

System Calibration and Connection

Before shipment, we calibrate the Model 533 System in our set of mu metal shields (to determine zero offset) and precision Helmholtz coils (to measure scale and axis alignment factors). As an option, a calibration sheet can be provided with each unit giving data on zeros, scale factors and orthogonality constants for each axis. This data enables external correction of the output voltages to increase overall system accuracy.

Miniature Lightweight Fluxgate Magnetometer

The system provides 3 analog output voltages proportional to the magnetic field in three orthogonal directions. Full scale output is ±4.0 volts; this voltage represents a magnetic field of ±1.00 Gauss. Output scale factor is adjusted to an accuracy of ±0.2%.

For sensor alignment, the X axis is aligned parallel to the cylindrical outer housing. The Z axis is aligned so that it projects through the center of a 0.031” wide notch in the top (output printed circuit board). The system Y axis is orthogonal to the X and Z directions. The coordinate system is right handed.

The output polarity sense of the axes is such that a field increase in the direction of the arrows (outwards from the unit) produces an increase in the voltage output for that axis. In general, the magnetic axis of the Model 533 is aligned within ±1° of the right-handed coordinate system specified by the outer cylindrical package and top alignment notch.

Data Sheets

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