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Model 520

3-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer System (150-0520)
Model 520

The Applied Physics Systems Model 520 fluxgate magnetometer measures magnetic fields from 3×10-7G (one millionth of the Earth’s magnetic field) up to 1200 mGf to measure time variances as well as static fields. It is able to measure power line generated fields, biologically generated fields and other small, time-varying fields. It measures the field simultaneously along three orthogonal directions and is displayed on three front-panel 3-1/2 digit liquid crystal displays.

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The Model 520 is designed for laboratory use and consists of a magnetic field measuring probe connected by a 15-foot interconnect cable to a power supply and electronic readout console. The small probe size (1” width, 1” height, and 2.6” in length) enables magnetic measurements to be made in restricted spaces.

The full-scale reading can be changed in four steps from 1000 mG to 1 mG. On the 1 mG scale, the least significant digit corresponds to a field change of 10-6 G. The three axes outputs can also be simultaneously monitored by oscilloscope or strip chart.


  • Model 520
  • Model 520A

In addition to the features of the Model 520, the Model 520A adds precision 3-axis offset capability. This capability enables the nulling out of steady fields on all axes up to 10-4 T (1000 mG) with no degradation in the instrument drift or noise level. This feature is essential when measuring small field changes in the presence of a large static field. This application can be used, for example, to test materials for small magnetic impurities or measure small changes in the Geomagnetic field.

Fluxgate magnetometers can be used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field and thereby determine the orientation of the instrument and whatever carries it. Magnetometers can measure roll, pitch, and yaw. Magnetometers can also be used to measure fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And magnetometers can be used to measure other magnetic fields such as those generated by the human body.

Fluxgate magnetometers employ a saturable core driven by a high frequency carrier parametrically up convert low frequency magnetic field variations to sidebands on the carrier. This approach produces a low noise, high accuracy sensor. The magnetometer electronics consist of a miniaturized 3-axis servo system which nulls magnetic field changes applied to the saturable cores. This design produces a very linear response over the entire dynamic range of the system.

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