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Model 428D

Clip-On AC/DC Magnetometer/ Milliammeter
Model 428D
Model 428D

The Applied Physics Systems Model 428D is a clip-on AC/DC milliammeter that measures current without the need for breaking the circuit. The probe can be clipped onto wires up to 0.160” diameter and system accuracy is not affected by wire size.

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Four full scale ranges are available:

  • 10 mA
  • 100mA
  • 1 Amp
  • 10 Amp

On the most sensitive range, currents down to 20 μA can be measured. A precision full-scale DC offset capability is included, enabling the measurement of small AC or DC current changes in the presence of a DC current up to 10A.

System output is monitored at a front panel BNC connector, which measures signals over a wide bandwidth of 0 to 600 HZ in the DC mode and 20 to 600 Hz in the AC mode.

The Model 428D console features a bright 41⁄2-digit LED display and is compatible with Hewlett Packard 428A and 428B clip-on current probes and magnetometer probes.

Three magnetic field measuring probes are available. One probe enables transverse field measurement. Two probes enable axial field measurements. When using these probes, the four full scale ranges correspond to 10 mG, 100 mG, 1 G and 10 G. The system noise level with the magnetometer probes is 10-6 G rms/Hz 1⁄2.

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