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Model 175

Wireline Steering Tool System
Model 175
Model 175

The Applied Physics Systems Model 175 horizontal directional drilling kit provides high accuracy measurement of toolface (roll), inclination and azimuth orientation angles in borehole logging and drilling applications. It provides precision along the path of drilling and on exit with ±0.1o for toolface and inclination and ±0.3o for azimuth.

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The system consists of the following components:

  • Downhole Probe Assembly
  • Model 5545 Top End Unit
  • Driller’s Display
  • Drill Gamma Software

Downhole Probe Assembly
The downhole probe assembly consists of a Model 750WL Orientation Sensor shock mounted in a 1.75” diameter by 29” long pressure barrel.
With the 750WL sensor, the accuracy of the Model 175 system is ±0.1° for toolface and inclination and ±0.3° for azimuth.

Model 5545 Top End Unit
The Top End Unit interfaces with the wireline and provides
power for the downhole probe. In addition, the unit displays the measured orientation angles and the temperature compensated accelerometer and magnetometer sensor outputs. Downhole voltage, current draw and temperature are also displayed. The unit has a switch to zero the toolface angle at the surface before starting drilling or logging operations. During operation, toolface and inclination averaging can be used to dampen vibration noise due to drilling. This enables accurate orientation data to be obtained while continuing to drill.

Driller’s Display
The Driller’s Display has a large daylight viewable LED display which indicates azimuth and inclination. Gravity toolface or magnetic toolface is shown on a large circular display. This unit is housed in a water resistant case with no operating controls and a single cable connection to the display unit.

Drill Gamma Software
Drill Gamma software is typically run on a laptop computer connected to the Top End Unit. The software displays all of the downhole orientation and sensor data. In addition, the software captures and saves data to logging files. These logging files store all of the downhole data together with depth information, which is typically entered manually.

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