Magnetometer Sensors

Model 113D

Digital PCBA Based 3-Axis Fluxgate
Model 113D

The Applied Physics Systems Model 113D is an inexpensive digital PCBA 3-Axis fluxgate magnetometer that provides 3-axis magnetic field digital values at up to 140 times per second.

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The Model 113D contains a microprocessor and a three channel 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. The system microprocessor and A-to-D subsystem:

  • convert the sensor analog outputs to digital form
  • calibrate the sensor scale, offset and alignment
  • implement serial communications between the system and an external computer

The Model 113D Magnetometer communicates with an external computer over bi-directional RS232 and TTL serial interfaces. An ASCII character command language facilitates communication with the Model 113D.

An autosend data mode is included in the 113D software. When this mode is active, a continuous data stream is automatically sent out the serial port after power is applied to the system.

The system also contains a temperature sensor.

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