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Model 110

Optically Pumped Rock Magnetometer System
Model 110

The Applied Physics Systems Model 110 Optically Pumped Rock Magnetometer System (OPRM) is a revolutionary breakthrough for Paleomagnetic research. This low cost, non-superconducting system rivals the performance and accuracy of traditional SQUID based superconducting rock magnetometer systems, enabling entirely new areas of research.

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The Model 110 is highly sensitive, less than 1pT per root Hz noise. Magnetic shielding provides high permeability 4 layer shield and attenuation level of 105. Internal field nulling coils and derivative gradient coils for uniform field.

The Model 110 can take measurements in minutes because it operates at room temperature and requires no cryogenic cooling system to operate. In addition it provides improved throughput due to system and sensor size and fully automatic robotic sample handler for translation and rotation of samples.

The compact design, just over 1m long by 0.3m wide, and low weight allow the Model 110 to fit on a desktop or to be moved or mobilized as required. The automatic sample handler is easy to use and custom sample holders can be easily designed and fabricated to enable the measurement of non-standard or irregular samples. The system includes the magnetometer, software, and all the required cabling and accessories and is simple enough to use that measurements can be taken within an hour of unpacking. The user-friendly software is ‘Plug and Play’ for easy setup and use.

Data from the OPRM

Data from Nicholas Swanson-Hysell’s laboratory at the University of California comparing measurements from the room temperature Rock Magnetometer (OPRM) and the cryogenic cooled SRM at

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