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Electromagnetic EM Telemetry MWD System

Electromagnetic MWD SystemApplied Physics Systems’ Model AP250 Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry MWD System is a state-of-the art system with a downhole tool featuring two-way electromagnetic communication.

  • High Reliability with MTBF over 2500 hours
  • Data transmission from depths of 14,000+ feet (4200+ meters)


Model AP250 Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry MWD System Datasheet


EM Friendly Operating Regions

The short video below highlights locations where APS has drilled with EM technology.

Dual Telemetry MWD System

Also see our dual telemetry MWD system




We TD’d our first well Tuesday night. The tool performed great. TD was at 14,387 ft. MD and 14,332 ft. TVD. We had absolutely no problem with the signal, and we were still downlinking with no problem at TD. At TD, we were running 2 hertz, 17 watts, and the signal to noise ratio was 6.5. We had a few software/firmware issues, but were able to work around them. Looking forward to going forward with the next kit. – Well in Wyoming where 14,000+ depth was achieved


Our company has used the Applied Physics AP-250 EM MWD System for five or more years and the AP600 Near Bit System for three or more years, both with great success. During that time we have experienced excellent results in terms of reliability, performance and innovation and this has helped our company grow and build a strong customer base in North America. We have drilled greater than 50 wells utilizing the AP600 Near Bit System which has resulted in superior performance in terms of well placement and borehole accuracy.- a customer in Canada with a long history with Applied Physics tools