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AP1250 Dual Telemetry MWD System

Max Goodman, President of Applied Physics Systems discusses the latest in Dual Telemetry MWD systems.

Latest Advancement in Dual Telemetry MWD System

Edited transcript

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the AP 250 Dual Telemetry MWD System by Applied Physics Systems.

The AP250 is a very configurable system. It utilizes a common set of interchangeable parts that allows for multiple different Downhole String configurations, up to 16 different strings can be a constructed from the common parts and gives you a wide variety of BHAs that you can run that would have Mud Pulse, that would have EM, that have Near Bit, that would have top of the motor inclination sensors or any combination of those types of sensors.

So the configurability. Maybe you start off with an EM system and to run in dual telemetry mode, simply add a Pulser. If you want to go further, you can use our Downhole Wireless Network and add a Near Bit Sub to run and try telemetry mode. So this is a quick example of what you could configure the system to be in terms of your BHA to meet your needs of the job you’re going to run.

We’ll talk a little bit about expandability of the system. Since it’s so configurable, it’s also expandable. And the key to that expandability is our Downhole Wireless Network, we call it the DWN. The DWN administrates all the communication between all the downhole nodes and the tool. A downhole node is any device on the BHA that can communicate or exchange data with the system hosts. This could be a directional instrument, it could be a gamma sensor, could be resistivity, pressure sensors, any number of types of sensors that are common in downhole and downhole tools. The DWN uses a sophisticated interleaving communication method. So this allows it to transmit and receive simultaneously so there’s no interruption in the data transmission for waiting to receive data or waiting for some part of the system to finish transmitting before receiving data. So it’s a very fast communication system.

The DWN allows for system expansion without the need for any mechanical redesign. So in normal systems with a wired connection, you have to wire into something and physically make that connection. With the DWN, there’s no wired connection. It’s works almost, in some sense, like a Bluetooth connection. It’s a wireless connection that receiver and transmitter sense each other and they start talking to each other automatically. The DWN can also communicate wirelessly from the AP 250 to a resistivity sub or a rotary steerable tool, again, without any mechanical redesign. So this allows integration of third-party tools into your BHA without the cost and the time and engineering effort it required in most systems.

Thank you for attending. If there’s any questions, let us know. If you’d like to contact us for more information on the system, there are email contacts, information, and phone information listed on this slide. Thank you very much.


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